Mask: Deal to Other Side trouble

I’ve not been able to get the new Deal-facedown-to-side command working in v3.6.2. In my actual module, I can achieve either the card face down to the side that it is supposed to be dealt to or face up to all.

In this simplified version, I have set a module up with PlayerSide Red and Blue to explore the new feature without various other triggers around that might be complicating matters. I still can’t get it working.

In my test rig, this is my trait (a Trigger activates the “deal” key command):

To replicate the issue,

open up an online game, start a new game connecting as Red.
Open another online session from a different player password, connect to the same game as Blue.

As Red, draw a card from the Red deck.
It is face up to both sides.
Flip it (Ctrl+F), it is now masked to Blue.

Use the deal to other side menu command; the card does not change for either side.

Have I got something wrong or is this new function not quite working yet?

Your trigger for “Deal to Other Side” doesn’t have a key command (it generates a key command, but doesn’t have its own)

Oh, well, AND Vassal also wasn’t finishing evaluating the expression properly (I think I was testing it by dealing directly to e.g. “Germans” as opposed to a beanshell).

This PR, when a build comes up for it (DealToSideBug branch) should fix it for you. Seems to deal it masked for me now:

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Thanks @Cattlesquat , I wondered if it was the beanshell evaluator. I will test at next opportunity.

Also, doh! for my error in the test rig, especially as I saw you and @Brent_Easton making just that point about missing trigger key commands recently.

Fix works to an extent @Cattlesquat. If I test 3.6.3-snapshot-2cef718 as a single user, switching sides, I can see that the card does get “dealt” - i.e. My automation deals to the other hand and when I switch side I see the card unmasked in that other hand; so ownership has transferred.

However, if I do the same actions between different users online, the dealt card does not appear to change ownership.

I have replicated this apparent anomaly in the test module, which I have updated. In fact, in the test module using online sessions, it seems possible to lose ownership without granting it to the other side!

Oops! Apparently I wasn’t packaging it up in a command (duh) to send to other players properly. Try the new version (should be up in the usual 15-20 minutes from time of this message)

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VASSAL-3.6.3-SNAPSHOT-1afcc07 works as expected for the test rig. Not yet in my actual module where a send-to-location / mask-to-other-side combo doesn’t yet change the card ownership. I’m still working through that and I think its related to some of the surrounding logic that may flip a card when it moves.

I’ve got the deal-to-other-side working in the actual module (dev version for release of C&C Nap v4). It seems that an unmasking immediately prior to the deal-to-other-side command was causing that command to fail. Not sure why and there may be more to it but preventing that command seems to have got things working.

Further testing required, I’ll update this thread as I go.