Masking a "order sheet"


I need a little help getting mask to work in my upcoming Check Your 6! module.

The situations is the following:

Two players, Player 1 and Player 2. The players have a order sheet which both players can open but only the owning player can edit - this works as it should.

I have made the sheet tabbed since I want more order tabs in the future. There should be a “Mask orders from opponent” button at the orders page, if not the resize the window and it will return.

When clicked I want it to mask the order sheet for the other side, i.e. when the players are giving orders the other side can’t peek.

The masking and unmasking seems to work ok, i.e. I the non owning player get the mask image but can see the written orders for the other player. So it looks like I need to do something more, but not really sure what.

Can anyone help me out?


I’m missing something. The masking seems to work but you need to do something else? What isn’t working?


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Hi rk,

If you as player 1 enters some text at the order sheet and masks it. Player 2 can indeed see the ordersheet is masked but player 1s orders is still visible through the masking…?

The Mask trait only hides traits that are listed above it in the piece’s properties. Make sure that the Property Sheet trait comes before the Mask trait.


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Thanks rk,

I will try that one out. Again thanks for your help.

Ok, something is acting real strange here…

(This is with beta 3…)

I start my test harness selecting my side as Player 1, and presses the “Player 1 Orders” button:

I then add some text to the two textboxes:

And then I press the “Mask orders from opponent”:

I then close the order sheet and select the retire button, and the join the game as Player 2. Again I press the “Player 1 Orders” button and the screen looks like this:

If I click anywhere inside the blue area all the text disappears:

So is it me that is going completly nuts or is Vassal pulling my leg :laughing:

Clicking will refresh the map. It’s possible that text is left over from when you were Player 1. To be sure, retire, save, and close the game. Then reload it and join as Player 2.


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Two things you need to check.

  1. When you retire as player 1 and join as player 2, do you also edit your preferences and change your password? If not, then you are not actually changing sides properly.

  2. In the setup of your secret orders counter, is the Mask trait below the trait that holds the typed in orders in the list of traits? You need to take into account the expansion of all prototypes. If the Mask trait is not the last trait in the list, or at least after the orders bit, then the masking will not be happening properly.

If both these things are OK, then you will need to post a link to your module so we can look at it more closely.


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On 18/08/2008 at 12:00 PM Cougar_DK wrote:

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Oops, missed the attachment, I will have a look.

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Hi Cougar,

The problem is that you are defining your Masking element in a separate at-start stack from your two order order pieces. You are assuming that the masking element will end up ‘on top’ of the order pieces, but it isn’t. Why should it? The display order of unrelated non-stacking pieces is undefined.

The easy fix is to remove the large masking piece and instead, add a smaller Mask trait to each individual order piece via the prototype, placing the Mask trait at the bottom of the trait list. Nothing else needs to change, the ‘Hide orders’ button still works the same, it just masks each individual order instead of masking the large piece, which is actually ending up under the order pieces.


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Thanks Brent, I will try your suggestions out.