Masking a piece and sending it to another map that is the reveal area and when revealed does not reveal opponents piece

I have 2 pieces, one owned by home the other visitor, when i send both pieces to the reveal map and run the hot key to reveal the opponents piece does not reveal. But once the opponent runs the hotkey and reveals his piece if they are both revealed the hot key flips and flips back.

I have added home and visitor to the pieces as allowable controllers of the pieces but it still does not reveal once masked.

Any ideas why?

Masking is tricksy.

Unless you put triggers and commands lower than the mask on the traits list, they will not activate when the piece is masked to you.

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The biggest problem is that it only shows in two player mode, even if I flip back and forth and change my password it will not show itself. I have to use 2 pcs to get it to bug out.

Also interesting is when i use 2 different PCs, if I use 2 different accounts but the same password for both it also does not trigger the failed reveal.

If you have the same password, Vassal registers you as the same player. So I guess you are recognized as the owner of both pieces, and Mask will allow your triggers to work.

Yep tried resetting password but couldn’t fool the module

In what circumstances did you change your module password? Were you in the middle of testing? Change the module password while not having a game loaded at all–i.e., mask a piece, save your game, close it, change your module password, reload it and take the other player side to fully test mimicking a real opponent.

I was attempting to test with 1 pc both player sides, so I change and changed back trying to trigger the failure to reveal. It did not work. It’s no biggy.

I simply bypassed and added a reveal button for both sides so they each have their own reveal, but I do think there is some kind of bug when moving a masked piece from one map to another.

I now have my laptop setup so I can test properly.