Masking Multiple Step Units

Howdy Gents,

I’ve got a playtest module that has something I’ve yet to encounter. One side has units with a blank ? in the center. This of course represents the fact that the opposing side cannot see what the unit is. When an opponent moves adjacent, the unit is to be revealed (unmasked). But the unit beneath can be Full Strength or step loss, Half Strength. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the first Full Strength side masked. I get a view of the unit as the actual Full Strength side centered atop the ? side, so that I as the player side can see what the counter is. However, I cannot tell as the opposing player if this is true. I’ve used the retire button (as the Allied Player) and then signed back in as the Japanese player, and I cannot tell one way or the other whether the Japanese units are hidden or not to the Allied player. And most especially I cannot tell if the Half Strength side of the counter is hidden again when the unit moves out of Allied ZOC. The half strength side does NOT appear in miniature atop the ? image.

Thus, I am confused as to how to mask what is essentially a “three sided” counter so that the masked side appears and can be turned on and off at will by the player side (Japanese) while the unit beneath is at either Full or Half Strength.

Help :confused:

Tom Cundiff

I’m not sure about everything you are doing, but I can give you some advice.

  1. Use a piece’s Layer trait to control the full and half strength images.
  2. Use the mask trait to control masking. Of course.
  3. Make sure the layer trait is listed above the mask trait in the piece’s trait list.

Masking is secured on the basis of your module password, not the player side you occupy. When configuring a Mask trait, you can specify who has the ability to mask the piece, but once you have masked it, if you change player sides without also changing your module password, your view of the piece will stay the same regardless of what player side you occupy. To test how an opponent would view the piece in its masked state, mask it first, become an observer, change your module password, and then join a different player side.

This: Make sure the layer trait is listed above the mask trait in the piece’s trait list.
Did the trick.

I found that if I Retired and then Changed Sides, I got the same effect without having to change passwords.

By the way, Joel, I’ve watched your videos over and over again. Well Done! Have you thought of more in depth videos?

I believe you are referring to Joel Toppen. That’s not me.

Oops, I guess there are worse people with whom you could be mistaken :slight_smile: