Masking Problem w/ Specified Side

Just tried adding Mask trait to a module. Module has 3 Player Sides; CW, Axis, Combat and of course observer

The problem I’m seeing is that ANY side can use the Hot Key “Ctrl+X” to mask a piece even though the menu command to do so doesn’t show up. As should be, only the specified side can Unmask a piece. The Mask trait is defined in the “CW Unit” and “Axis Unit” prototypes.

Here’s a link to the module Module file

And here’s a vlog showing the problem vlog file

This also occurs if module saved under 3.5.8

Having checked the code it appears this goes all the way back to at least 3.2.17 (aka Before The Dawn Of Time).

So that makes me a little nervous to change things w/o checking very-extra-carefully that we’re not breaking modules that somehow depend on that behavior.

If the “wrong side” masks the piece can the “right side” still unmask it properly?

Yes, only the correct side can unmask a piece so not a big deal. Just something old foggies like me who still use shortcut keys would notice… :wink: