Masking units with 3.0

Previous to 3.0 the masking, as I understood it, was handled by using the access restrictions by player name.

Now it seems that masking is linked to your password. Correct?

My problem is that when creating a module I would like to be able to mask the units/blocks from the start but since it is keyed to my password this no longer seems like an option. If I use force pools and have all units/blocks ending there being makse, then I have the same problem as it is linked to MY password.

Any way around this or am I just smoking the funny stuff and missing something?

It’s an option you specify in the Mask trait’s properties.


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I used the mask trait and set it to specified sides. Then for say the Japanese blocks I gave them the player sides of Japanese and Solo.

If I go in and mask the blocks as the Japanese side they show masked and if I retire to the Allied Side they show as such.

But if I mask both sides, Japanese and Allies for a game setup it seems to be keyed to my actual password in the preferences. So if someone else comes in they just see all the blocks masked and can`t change them.

It seems there is a combination of sides vs password working here.

Can you please give me a good step through of what I should be doing to have a masked setup for players so they don`t have to do it or is that not possible now?


Here’s what works for me in a test module:

  • Join as Japanese, mask pieces, retire as Japanese
  • Join as Allies, mask pieces, retires as Allies
  • Save game
  • New player loads the game. If they join as Japanese, they can see the Japanese pieces, and if they join as Allies, they can see the Allied pieces

What’s different in your case?


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Okay just tried it again.

In the mask property I use specified sides and then use Japanese/Solo and Allies/Solo.

Loaded up the default scenario, came in as Japanese and masked the infantry blocks. Retired and then chose the Allies, masked an Allied block, retired again so chose observer and then saved the game.

I come back to the game as Japanese and I see both sides masked trait (border around the blocks). Change to Allies and see the same thing.

If I change my password all blocks are now showing their hidden side.

I just don`t get it.

What in the above am I doing wrong?


Try the same thing with blocks pulled from the Palette instead of what’s in the default setup. The palette may define the Mask traits in the blocks correctly, but maybe the setup was created with an earlier version that used ‘any player’ instead of ‘any side’

What is the module?


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Great, you had it right. I had to replace the pieces and then it worked fine.

Much thanks for your patience in walking through this.