Masks & GKC

Hello, here’s what i’d like to accomplish:
Before the start of the game, the squares and dots (who were placed strategically) will be masked . Each square will be unmasked by Player 1 as the game unfold.
What i need is for only the dots over the unmasked square to automatically unmask at the same time as that square*. Thanks~

(Everything is on the same board)

On Feb 12, 2010, at 2:03 AM, Malpertius wrote:

OK, this sounds like it should be a straightforward use of masks and
hidden counters. Each square that is unmasked will then become
visible as Player 1 unmasks them.

This part I don’t understand. It seems that what you describe in the
first sentence is unmasking as the game unfolds, and then here you say
you want them to unmasked all at once. I’m not sure how to interpret
these sentences put together. Perhaps you could explain in a series
of detailed steps what you want to have the players do and what you
want to have happen.

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Yep, that part is already clear, sorry if i’m not. I’ve modified the image.

Let’s say the action starts in square 1:
Player 1 unmasks the square → trigger activates : the dot on top of it is unmasked too. The other dots remain masked. All dots are basically the same piece.

It’s a of Fog of War if you’d like.

Look at the Dungeon Twister module and also this Thread.

That’s exactly it! I now see what i was missing. Thanks :smiling_imp: