Mat / Cargo Question

HI Guys,
I would like to add cargo to a Mat and then send the Mat to a deck that would shuffle the Mat pieces (not the cargo) to random draw a Mat piece and keep the mat cargo grouped together.
Example, If I had 7 Mat pieces and each had 6 pieces as cargo. I would like to shuffle the 7 Mat pieces to random draw each Mat piece with its cargo. Is this possible?.
Dave B.

Hi Dave,

Sorry, no, that is not possible. The mechanics of Mats means that Mats with Cargo loaded cannot be moved into a Deck. Only empty Mats can be moved into a Deck.


The first solution that comes to my mind is to create a hidden window to place the mats when they’re supposed to be in the deck. When you want to send the mat to the deck, instead move it to the hidden window and use a Place Marker trait to create a replacement piece. Send the replacement piece to the deck. When drawn, that piece would need to move the mat to its new location and then delete itself.

This is rather complicated, and won’t work if players try to manually drag the mat to a deck, either.

That is complicated–but you can give the mat a property by which it can be identified and prevented from being put in the deck, so that part can be handled!

Thanks guys. I will be thinking on this some more… I would like to sort by group somehow. So if I have 6 type A, 6 Type B and 6 Type C. I would like to random draw by type all the markers of one type before next type is picked.

Cheers, Happy New year,