Mats and cargo questions

OK, so now we have mats. Yay! I have questions:

What happens if say, a mat is rotated, and all the cargo is rotated on it, keeping relative positions, and there are zone-specific map-movement triggers? Will the movement of the cargo to maintain relative position again trigger map movement triggers?

Specific example:
I have a commander piece functioning as a mat, and a bunch of unit blocks as cargo. The player drags the commander piece somewhere on the map, which triggers rotation and rotates the commander to facing 12 (out of 120, or something). All the cargo I guess stays on the mat keeping relative position, and matches facing.

The cargo pieces have the same triggered rotation as the commander piece, because they can end up independent of a commander. I guess their triggered rotation will also trigger on the initial move, but as long as they are in the same zone as the commander this shouldn’t matter. But what happens if the movement of the cargo to keep relative position on the mat takes the cargo onto a new zone? Will triggered rotation trigger again? Or are map movement triggers disabled for cargo?