Maximum Heap Size vs my config


I have issues running some modules. I get a “maximum heap size too large” message, indicating it will be using the 128 MB failsafe value whereas I have 8 GB RAM on my computer. Do you have any idea I could cope with that?


THank you very much

I also have similar issues and need help with it.

Thanks in advance.

What size are you attempting to set that is failing and forcing it to dial down to 128MB? Just because your system has 8GB of physical RAM doesn’t mean that amount is available as a contiguous block–Windows itself will be using a fair amount all by itself, let alone what other running software is consuming.

The “32-bit operating system” in the screenshot is a big deal too. If you have a 32-bit OS (or a 32-bit JVM on a 64-bit system), then by default it cannot use more than 2GB no matter how much system RAM you have.