means to use player-supplied art in module?

May be a module design question - if there is a way to do it - otherwise maybe a feature request.

Is there a way (how?) to have a player of a module, without recompiling the module, select an image file to use for a piece (or piece layer) and have that saved as part of his or her save game? So that when they send the logfile to their opponent it retains the image they have provided.

I am thinking of a couple applications for this, but the most significant one would be for miniatures play.

Off hand, I can’t think of a way to do this as described. However…

If you set up the player’s tokens as an extension to the module with just a minimum of components, it would be easy to create a database of player specific extensions that can be passed around with the module. I believe an extension would be only a little larger in file size than the actual picture used.

If players have their own extension with their playing piece, they can pass it along to the host before a game starts and the host can load up all the player extensions when they start up a game.

Unless there’s something I don’t know, I think this would work.

To do that with extensions players have to know how to work with module extensions, which if I understand correctly is akin to building some portion of a module itself. However… that is certainly easier for a module designer, assuming the players are sufficiently vassal-savvy, than any other method I was considering. Thanks for the idea.

When you add an extension to a module you’re editing, you basically get a ghost of the module (it’s sort of greyed out) and any changes you make will be saved as part of the extension

An extension can have a bare minimum of information. It could just be a playing piece. You could distribute the module with a sample extension included and a note of instructions. It would just be a matter of loading the extension, changing the graphic and character name, saving it and they’re done.