Melee module for Vassal - status?


I saw in the Yahoo groups some discussion about a Melee (metagaming microgame) module for Vassal.

I downloaded and played around with the module editor following some of the tutorials, which are not bad. I was able to get something to work fairly well for very basic Melee, and the web pages at are also a help.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’d like to contribute on the Melee module if possible. With Google I was not able to find where such a module might be, so I assume it never was distributed to the public (maybe for copyright reasons?).

Anyway, is the Melee project dead? There was a thread in the Yahoo group that mentioned the Character Sheet would be woven back into the Vassal code. What ever happened? This is the thread I found in the Yahoo group: … ssage/1287

If the project is dead, I would ask for advice from anyone who’s familiar with Melee about how you would do weapons in the game. Since characters can carry/ready/fire/drop/etc. weapons, it might be useful to model them somehow. I can see how to do them as game pieces (useful for when they are dropped, but not clear how they would be “readied” by a character). I have not seen any way so far (only 2 days of looking at documentation) of tying in weapons with characters.

There are a couple different ways you could do this.

  1. Just use a text label. The user just types in what weapon he is using. Easiest

  2. Create ‘layer’ that cycles through all the weapon options.
    a. create a different image for each weapon option.
    b. just create a different wpn that layers on top of the model.

Depending on the number of different weapons the second option could be a lot of work.

I would use the first and maybe then work on the second as you find time and/or motivation.