Memoir 44: Feature Request

This is the first time I’ve posted, so hopefully this is going to the correct forum, and will be read by the developers of the excellent Memoir 44 module.

I just wanted to put in a feature request for the module: to be able to either drag the Terrain cards onto the main board window, or to have a draw deck of the various Terrain cards. When playing the real game, these are usually placed on the board, which is very helpful for learning the terrain mechanics, and as a refresher during the game. The cards could be placed as any other, allowing for free placement either on the board or the grey border surrounding the playing area.

The Charts button is very helpful, especially to have all of the game and scenario information all in one place, without having to wade through 8 manuals. Though being able to place the terrain information in the main window, would be great.

Thanks in advance,

I have thought of doing this, and which way it would be most effective. A card shuffler always present on the board, or some automatic way to view the cards based on units/terrain present in the scenario, etc. The main problem with the most basic implementation is the file size of all these cards. The collage jpeg with everything together is very reasonable in file size, but when you make them all separate transparent pngs it starts to multiply. I can make an extension which adds these cards as individual draggable objects, if it gets a bit large people can choose to download it or not, but both sides would need to have the extension installed to see the card(s).

Thanks for the quick reply (looks like I posted to the right place!).

Yes, an extension would be good, and would only then need to be downloaded by whomever needs it (keeps the overall file size down). Not sure how much work it would be, but the idea of dragging the cards from the terrain chart would be ideal.

Also, great job on the new update. I like the pulldown list for sorting the various modules, does make it a lot easier to navigate through all (now) 300 scenarios!

Do you have an ETA for the Campaign Books? I bought the 2nd one last week, and have no idea how to create my own module to implement then into the main game (I usually just manually create the board layout and save it as a Saved Game).

I am not allowed to share the Campaign Book scenarios as these are classified by DoW. They want you to buy the book, and if the scenarios were made available they are worried people won’t buy the book anymore.

Manually creating the scenario and saving it as a saved game is one way to get it to work.

Ah, got it. For now, I’ll keep saving my setups, until I am brave enough to delve into creating my own extensions. Are these tough to do? I’ve only gone through the Zapwars tutorial, which didn’t delve into creating extensions, only modules from scratch.

The Vassal Designer’s Guide (here: has a section on creating extensions.

Thanks for the link, creating an extension does look pretty straight forward.

I’ll cut-up the terrain chart and make a deck out of it, and will post the extension here (eventually) so anyone could also test it.

Edit: Looks like 256kb is the largest file I can upload, but the extension is 5.5mb, so I will look for a place to post it tomorrow.

Here’s a first-stab at my first extension (yes, overall, not too complicated to set up). I tried to have all of the Terrain cards as a deck, but was unsuccessful at displaying them in either an existing M44 Map Window, or a new one. In the end, I think the Game Piece layout will work better.

To use this extension, click on the new Terrain button on the top-right of the M44 window (right beside BL Hands). Then, when a terrain piece is displayed, it can be dragged onto the main window.

I think I’ll reduce the size of the cards, as well as remove the white borders surrounding the cards.

Please give this a try, and send feedback to forum with hints, suggestions, etc,etc.


So you don’t want me to make the extension any more?

I’ve uploaded my version, you can find it on the module page.

That’s great news! Sorry, from your original post, you mentioned that you could make one, not that you did.

If anything, it gave me an opportunity to delve into extensions. And I also discovered how to combine my saved files into an extension, which will help a lot!

Just had a chance to check out your Card Compendium, and wow, it more than fits the bill! Really nice to have all the reference cards available, and not just the terrain ones! Will definitely help to keep the rules straight, without taking all the screen space by having to keep the Charts window open all the time.

Thanks again.