Memoir '44 Game Board Setup Options

Hello All,

I’ve been lurking and loving Vassal for a long time… I’m finally getting around to being creative with it and need some help.

I am building a scenario and have the initial board and side board placed.
The Scenario has been labeled and sub-labeled.
The terrain and starting units have been placed.

  1. After some trial and error I started the build process by logging in as “Observer”
    Is this correct or should it have been “Solitaire”?

  2. How do I affect the information for the starting hand of cards?
    (This is the card info in the upper left and lower right)
    The default is to be 5 cards each.

  3. How do I select/change the command deck to be used on the side bar?
    (Default is the normal/basic command deck)

  4. How do I remove the 2 Combat decks from the side board if they are not to be used?

  5. How do I affect the two Air Craft badges in the upper right corner?

  6. Is there a way to extend or shorten the number of victory points required on the game board?

Thanks in advance


  1. It should be “Observer”.

  2. Shift-click to select one. Then increase/decrease, or use CTRL [/].

  3. Default decks are:
    Standard Side board = normal command deck
    OL Side board = OL command deck
    BT Side board = BT command deck

Use the Decks window (button in toolbar) to swap out a deck for a non-default deck, just like a player would.

  1. You can’t. Just don’t use them.

  2. You can’t. They are automatically updated when Air Sortie cards are placed in the Allied or Axis hand window.

  3. Open the Setup tab under Pieces. Use the brown circle to cover up medal spots that are not to be used. Add Medal Victory Spot markers (medal + brown panel) next to the standard medal spots to add medal spots. Shift-click to select one and change the medal type (CTRL [/]). There is one for each medal both for bottom and top placement.

Much appreciated

Thank you