Memoir 44 or Battlelore PBEM opponent

wondering if anyone wants a game of either system …played a bit of both offline …only played a few Vassal games …live in Oz so PBEM is much easier with timezones …i can usually reply several times a week

thanks in advance Jim

I will play M44 PBEM.

thanks Bdgza …sorry to take so long replying …comp issues…i’ll set up a game asap and send the file to you

my email address is if you can send me your address i’ll send the files. i was going to start with pegasus bridge …let me know if you have a preference for a side but we can replay the game and change sides if you like

thanks Jim


I’m also interested for playing M44. What’s PBEM? A other game?
Send me a message if you want play whit me.
I have create a game “novice”


PBEM (or PBeM) means Play By E-Mail. Instead of playing live, you play by sending turns in logfiles via email.