Memoir 44 PBEM opponent

Looking for PBEM opponent for Memoir 44. I know the basic rules and am learning the more advanced (Air Rules, New Units, Terrain, etc). May be able to do some live gaming over Skype as well. Live in Florida (EST zone). Have been gaming for over 30 years and play Axis & Allies, Tide of Iron, and open to others. Looking to learn Commands & Colors:Napoleonics as well. Looking forward to some gaming!

I have also just started to learn C&C:N if you are interested in trying that PBEM


I would be open to Memoir 44 PBEM, and Axis & Allies. Probably can’t do the live gaming via Skype, unless you’re up late (I’m in AZ, so 2-3 hours behind you depending on the time of year), but I’m willing to give PBEM a try. I would be interested in learning the rules for Tide of Iron, too…