Memoir '44 v7 Module Issues

I am having a pair of bugs/issues with Memoir '44 on VASSAL. Hopefully those here can shed some light on my problems.

#1: When playing with the Eastern Front Expansion with Russian Command Rules, is there a place in the open for the Russian player to play his card face down under the Commissar Chip? Or does the Russian player have to just remember a card in his hand for next turn?

#2: Why is it on some scenarios on Memoir VASSAL there is a bug where the person joining the game is not allowed to choose a side? It happened on the Russian Breakout Map tonight and has happened on others as well. We can find no way to get around this bug and it has ruined many maps we’ve wanted to play badly.

Re#2 - sides are directly linked to player pasdswords.

If a player joins a game and the side is unavailable, this is because the
player’s password is the same as somebody else’s already synched to the game
(except for observer)

If this happens the player should leave and change his pw in the preferences
then rejoin

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Also, should changing the password not work then the problem is of the
scenario designer not retiring a side when building the module save game
file - let the designer know to revise it

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Thanks Tim.

I built this module and was very sure I had ‘retired’ before adding them to the module itself.

We ran into the same problem even with a fresh file that was just loaded in, so I’m not sure what the issue is?

Any other suggestions?