Menu for gampieces

How do you create a menu for game pieces that goes beyond the first level?

Add Trait: Sub-Menu
Then in the properties, add the traits you would like to be in a lower level.

The problem I am encountering is that it will not show the lower level. Is there a module that uses the sub menu that might be used as an example how to use the sub menu trait.

In the SubMenu, make sure you are entering the Key Command names, not descriptions or anything else. For example, if you current menu shows 3 options Add, Delete, View and you want these in a Sub-Menu named Options, then when you create the Options Sub-Menu, you should enter Add, Delete and View exactly as the appear in the original menu.

That worked. Thank you :slight_smile:

Just one note for those who try to figure out the exact command that is being used. between the name of your command and the key strokes that you could use is a DOUBLE spacing. NOT a SINGLE spacing or any other number of spacings.
Example: If you have CTRL A behind your add. You have to put in “Add{space}{space}CTRL{space}A”. note that i replace a spacing with {space} in this example to be clear where the spacings go.

Small error on previous post. I don’t know why. When I had it working the first I think I had it with the button activation. When I tried it again not for practice it would not work with the key activation. It would only work with ONLY the command name that appears in the menu.