Message Format

Can I “program” a message so it shows conditionally? I’m trying to add a hex numbering to a board without “polluting” the sub areas, if I could use an IF-THEN structure in the message format using the coords, it should be super easy, is there such a thing in Vassal?

  1. The map window where you have your hex zone must send a "Alt-Ctrl-Shift-M " at the end of each piece movement

  2. you should put a “trigger action” trait on your moving piece with :
    a- the watch to keystroke : "Alt-Ctrl-Shift-M "
    b- the properties match : “{(CurrentX > …) && (CurrentY > …)}”
    c- that performs the keyboard command “Ctrl-M”

  3. you should put a “Report Action” trait on your moving piece trigged by the keyboard command “Ctrl-M”