Middle mouse button

Currently the middle button does just nothing but the same as the left button… the SHIFT-Click is a nice function to put in the middle button, so you can have lots of usually not selectable counters and still be able to select them (for many purposes) with one click, not having to use both hands… for example the borar tiles in any game involving tiles (Dungeon Twister :p)

But I’m asking for an usability enhancement in vassal as almost every mouse (PC) has 2 buttons plus 1 button with mousewheel and it is silly not taking advantage of that and keep just the same function in two of the three standar mouse buttons.

And about configuring it outside vassal… well what can I say… I hope future game developers doesn’t go that way… “hey, have you seen Call of Duty 6: French maid operations?, now if you want to toss a grenade you can configure your mouse with your provider software to bind the G key in the middle button… and bind AdvPage in the mousewheel to switch weapons… WOW!!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


You haven’t played WOW with a Logitech G15 keyboard then, because that is
what they are doing

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So, Vassal could beat WoW and Logitech altoghether with a middle button feature!!! GO VASSAL GO VASSAL GO!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: