Migrating chat area

So far, I haven’t been able to reproduce the ‘out of error after multiple open/close actions’ from VASL in a modern Vassal module, so I’m reasonably sure I was right, and it got fixed in the code since the latest independent VASL release (though, the module just may not have been complicated enough. :stuck_out_tongue:)

But, it did remind me of a minor (very minor) issue that I’ve been seeing. In the Russian Campaign (3rd ed) module, if you close the game (not the module) and open a new one, the divider bar between the main map and the chat area will move down a little. This will continue happening each time you close & open a game, so it isn’t that there’s one particular spot it wants to be at, it just makes the chat area a little larger each time.

The A Victory Lost module has a variation on the theme: When you close a game, the window stays the right size for the former chat area, but the chat input bar moves way up near the top, leaving a tiny chat area, and a big blank bottom border area. When you open a game again, the divider bar move up to where the input bar was, leaving you with a tiny chat area.

It’s all easy to adjust, but I think it’s odd that it’s happening at all.