Minimize buttons for open windows

Hi Vassal Dev and others,

I’m maintaining a module that I’ve inherited and since have added loads of expansions for the game. A request came over another forum to have a feature added to the game that I don’t believe I can add without some extensive research to import a class to the sections required.

As the subject of this thread states (and I’m not sure if this has been requested before) but the request I was asked of and I’ve thought would be an excellent addition would be a minimize/maximize button for each inner window. While I’m playing the game, I tend to have 2-4 extra windows open to play the game. Having the windows minimized to the lower left section of the core engine would be a handy option to have. Not only handy but would help keep the game window clean and smoother functioning. That way, I don’t have to search down the multiple folders I’ve set up to find the deck/map window I need. I can just simply [double-]click the window in the lower left (or where ever) to pull the window back up for reference.

Thanks for your time!


Have you tried going into preferences and unchecking the option “Use combined application window”. With this unchecked, each window you open has it’s own set of controls and can be minimized to the task bar (Windows).

No, I didn’t know about this option and now I feel silly, lol. Thanks for pointing this out, it covers exactly what I was talking about.