Minor 3.5.5 bug: canceled Save As... reports as successful

I just accidentally hit the “Save As…” button, instead of the “Save” button, after finishing some edits on my module. After cancelling the Save As dialog, the log told me “Module saved: xxxx.vmod”, just as if I had actually hit the “Save” button, but I’m assuming it did not actually save anything (the Save As… menu option behaves the same).

Edit: On Linux (Kubuntu 20.10) with Java 11.0.10, if it makes any difference.

Do you use any antivirus?

A test build of a fix is up – the one labeled 14386 on the builds page - vassalengine.org/builds

If that solves the problems we’ll try to release it with 3.5.6


Just tried the test build, and it’s not quite right–it no longer reports when I cancel the Save As…, but it also doesn’t report after a successful Save (but it does after a successful Save As…).

Minor nit–the Linux archive was a .bz2 wrapped inside a .zip–seems a bit excessive!

Thus spake jrwatts:

Minor nit–the Linux archive was a .bz2 wrapped inside a .zip–seems a
bit excessive!

GitHub Actions, which is what’s running the builds, zips all artifacts.
I wish it wouldn’t, but there’s no way presently to tell it not to.


Try VASSAL-3.5.6-SNAPSHOT-4d2d2e1: vassalengine.org/builds/

Does that fix the remaining problem?

Looks like it’s fixed, yes.

In similar vein, I notice that Cancelling a scenario load, still gets the “Loaded” message even though the load is, as expected, cancelled.

  • Loading P414 - Grossbeeren.vsav …
  • Loaded P414 - Grossbeeren.vsav <Load cancelled at “Side” prompt but still this message appears>

Ah, thanks for that. The new PR in snapshot 14401 should clear that bit up Mark.


Tested cancelled load in VASSAL-3.5.6-SNAPSHOT-3a9a0b8… perfect: