Minor but annoying editor BUG

3.5.4 snapshot

Sometimes the name of a top level component is truncated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In the editor window… If you name a long field
    Example “All Pieces (DEVELOPER) [Game Piece Palette]”

  2. click on another top level component

  3. click back on first field (e.g., “All Pieces (DEVELOPER) [Game Piece Palette]”)

  4. It’s now truncated “All Pieces (Devel…”

Thus spake Korval:

3.5.4 snapshot

It’s helpful if you indicate which snapshot when reporting a bug against


I don’t know if this is quite the same thing but I see truncated component names when working in the editor. It seems to happen when you’ve selected and worked on the component and then move onto something else. I’ve found that useful when working through a list of similar things applying a change or checking something; helps avoided missing one. It would be better if such items could be marked in some other way.


Sorry, will keep in mind for future…
VASSAL 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-95b893e38

I have worked out to fix the bug as reported.

Do you have a suggestion for how to highlight items that you have visited? bold? color? italics? underline? append a ‘*’ to the description?

FWIW - while I get what Mark mentioned about remembering what portion of the editor we were working in, personally I find it only to be an issue for expandable lists. I’ve learned to close the list when I’m done with it, which helps me remember I’m done with that section…

Italics would work for me. Good enough to notice but subtle enough to allow for any future changes/improvements that might make use of more emphatic highlighting.

I have read Korval’s suggestion and will bear it in mind but I can’t yet relate it to my use case (there is no list to close off between each change).

I tried this out… The italics marking were actually quite helpful…

Mark - good idea!

Brent - thanks for implementing both the fix and the new feature!