Minor stack rollover display issue

The popup that appears when you rollover a stack shows the piece images in a row with “top” vertical alignment.

If any of those pieces have text labels with top or bottom alignment, the pieces end up in a ragged uneven line (not a biggie I know).

My solution would be to find the largest total height of any piece in the stack, and vertically centre align the images show in the rollover.

Actually, playing around with it a bit, it might be simpler to simply omit text labels from the mouse rollover view, they don’t play nicely in it.

You can make it omit the text labels if you want, in configuring your mouse rollover viewer. Just blank out the relevant lines.

My bad - that’s the second time I have been caught out not appreciating the rollover. Will read the fine print next time!

Although that said, my mouse-over stack viewer seems to be ignoring the display text, include non-stacking pieces & include non-movable pieces checkboxes and just doing its own thing. Back to the manual…

When it seems to be ignoring my changes, that’s often a sign it’s time to save the module, exit all the way out, and re-launch the session… (it’s not ALWAYS the problem, but it’s on the standard “is the device connected to the power source?” checklist…)