Mixed Dynamic Labels

Here’s the deal:

I have player tokens that display the character’s current condition on the bottom of the token (Normal, Poisoned, Unconscious, etc). This is displayed using a Text Label that gets it’s value from a Dynamic Property.

The Dynamic Property is set up to “Prompt user to select from a list” and the display area for the condition is also an Action Button. You click it, choose your condition from the list and the new condition displays on the button.

That is working perfectly so no problem there. But, a player may have an unusual situation where the values in the list may not be appropriate as a condition or they may be suffering from multiple condition problems …like Poisoned and Losing Turns.

Is there a way to place a value at the end of the list called “Other” and when a player selects that option, they are prompted to enter their own value?

Am I to assume this can’t be done or did my question sort of slip by everyone.

Just curious (grin).


I think there is no possibility to do so … you have a list or a free text typed not twice in one …

The way i will managed it will be :

  1. The Textlabel will be defined by $Condition$ - Comment : $Comment$

  2. A first Condition Dynamic Property used to have your dedicated list

  3. A second Comment Dynamic Property : free text entry … (initial value = Ok or blank)

I hope it will help you …