Moderation Question

[Added this on an admin’s user talk on the wiki, but it didn’t seem very active and I realized here is probably better]

Question: when I submit a wiki page edit and it says it’s in moderation. Is there any way to know (e.g. a couple days later) when the edit hasn’t appeared whether it (a) was rejected or (b) is still in the moderation queue?

Reason I ask: I have a major version release (9.3) I’d like to add to Module:Paths_of_Glory, but a day or two ago I submitted an edit to that page paring down the download list of some of the more ancient versions of the module to clear clutter. I did this after consulting a major figure in the PoG community, and noted the reasons for it in my edit description, but I can see how it is possible a deletion of several lines of content might possibly have been rejected.

Obviously if a moderator rejected the edit then I don’t want to try to re-apply it; conversely if the edit is still waiting in the moderation queue then I’m worried that if I make a NEW edit to add it that it will eventually clash with the earlier edit when moderation time comes. I don’t seem to have any email settings in preferences that apply to this.

Clearly I’m excited to get the “cool new version” out since it’s got some major feature adds, but I also don’t want to clobber the page etc etc.

Any help most appreciated!

Received answer from admin, never mind!