Modifying Games

Is it possible to download a game and then modify the game to work differently?
Or do you need some sort of source code.
One thing I noticed is I cannot find any of the gif files the board map or player pieces are based on.

Sure, you can modify any module for your own purposes. No source code is required, but you will need to know how to use the VASSAL Editor. See the Docs section of this site for some resources.

A VASSAL module is merely a ZIP archive with a different file extension. You can open it in 7zip or any other archiving software that supports the ZIP format–all the image assets are in the images/ subdirectory of the archive.

Thanks Joel.
That would explain why I couldn’t find the gif’s. :smiley:
I have been browsing the docs, there is a lot of material there, and it is tough to get it into context.
I wonder if you could answer this:
Is it possible for a playing piece to have a drop down list of targets that could be selected? One target per piece.
Is it then possible for that piece to display that target only to the owner of the playing piece?