Modul Editor: Drag&Drop, Selections, Shortcuts

Editing Modules would be much easier with:

-Drag & Drop
-Selections (shift/ctrl+click)

  • Shortcuts (ctrl-x for cut, ctrl-v for paste etc.)

Sorry if there is already a thread, I could not find it.

There is cut an paste for the component tree. I’d be a little wary of drag and drop though. I’m not sure what shift/ctrl+click means. The shortcuts are conceivably very easy to do.

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Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V all work - have you tried them?
Selections - by which I think you mean MULTIPLE selections - don’t work. Admittedly, that is a bummer. If I really need to modify a lot of items as a batch, though, it’s much easier to open the buildFile and edit the XML (is it XML? sure looks like it to my inexpert eye) directly.

I saw no shortcut, so I didn`t even tried. :unamused:

Thank you.

Multiple selections would be useful, for example copy something from a list into a panel.

By the way: Is it possible to include the feature that you could edit objects (edit a tabbed panel so you could make a scroll list out of it).

Thanks to the hints. I will try out to open the build file. I will find out which it is and how to edit it?

There is something to be said for editing the buildFile in a text editor. In fact, that’s your only option for ZunTzu which otherwise does not have a module editor!

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It’s not for the feint of heart. The module is a zip file, so browse the zip file. In the top-level directory, there’s a file called buildFile. Open it in a text editor (NOT a word processor). Take a look at a very simple module. If you know how XML works, you’ll get the idea.

For the vast majority of things, I don’t recommend editing the buildFile. But it’s good for doing very repetitive tasks like adding a new prototype to hundreds of pieces.

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In terms of priorities, I would consider this feature (e.g. convert from tabbed panel to scrollable list) more important than drag-and-drop.

Me too. :wink: