Module: Cold War Naval Battles

Hi all,

I’m announcing I’ve published my first module, of the card game Cold War Naval Battles.

The original game is by Alan Emrich, Dan Verssen and Rodger B. MacGowan, and it’s released for free over the internet from the website:

The module is released in a precautionary 0.9beta version, because I didn’t have the chance to actually test it against real players. If interested, please playtest it or contact me for a play. Any suggestion, critics and bug report is well accepted.

From the module page you can download the rulebook too. In the module Quick Start Guide you can find the instructions on how you can play with the Vassal module itself.

The print & play game by Alan Emrich is divided into 6 parts/expansions. This module covers the first one. I’m thinking to “vassalize” at least other 2-3 expansions, if there’s interest into the game (that I personally find very enjoyable).

Thank you and have fun.