Module concept, need input from designers!

Never used Vassal to make modules before - i’m fairly confidant in my abilities to learn how, but I was wondering if some conceptual ideas were POSSIBLE before wasting my time.

I am attempting to make a pen and paper game module, specifically for Call of the Cthulhu. Are the following things possible, and if so, how? I am not expecting a tutorial on anything, just a theoretical yes/no answer.

  1. Editable, persistent character sheets where the players can type things into fields on the sheet

  2. The ability for the DM to add maps to play. I noticed that you can download “boards” for VASL, maybe something like that? Is it possible to upload images directly?

Does anything like this already exist? Theres nothing on the module list.

  1. Yes, you can create game pieces and then assign stats to them in Vassal. You would add the Property Sheets trait to each to assign Strength, Dexterity, Hit Points, etc.

  2. No, you can’t upload new maps live during a game session. Generally speaking, Vassal modules are usually designed with specific maps in mind, and these are set up when the module is made. To change the maps in a module, you usually have to edit the module and then re-distribute the module to the players. This doesn’t really work well in the middle of a session.

Note that there are a variety of techniques you could use to either to hide portions of a map, or conceal pieces on the map, which could be useful to run RPGs in Vassal.

You could also use a blank map, and place pieces on to sketch the room. You’d make a blank white hex map, for example, and then place furniture or walls in the room (game pieces) to give you a variety of settings.