Module creation - no more map window

Hi all,

I’m new to Vassal (last version of Vassal and Java - windows 10) and I try to get into module dev for a personal project but after only a few manipulations, the board/map part of the main window (in module creation) is gone. There is no more bar to pull to resize the map area.

I can’t find anything on this, I think it’s a very basic problem but I can’t solve it. I tried to delete and create new modules, open existing ones, uninstall clean and install again but nothing corrects it. I’m open to any suggestions!

Start the module and try going into File->Preferences. Under the General tab, there’ll be an option to “Use combined application window”. Uncheck this and restart. This should separate your main map into it’s own window which makes it easier to manipulate.

hi, thanks for the answer.

I just tried, but it didn’t work. I then checked it and restart and still nothing.
When I right click on the [Hex Grid] I created, and click on “Edit Grid”, I can see that the grid exists, but still no window with this board on the main edit interface.

Can you post a link to the module here. I’ll download it and take a look. I imagine it’s just a setting of some kind but without looking at it, I’m not sure what setting that may be.

There’s a drag bar, or whatever it’s called, at the top of the map window, which sometimes ends up getting dragged way to the bottom of the screen, making it appear as if the entire map window is gone. Carefully place your cursor all the way at the bottom of the Vassal screen and see if it allows you to scroll the map window back up.

I will try to post it this evening, but it’s just a new module with an empty default map (the only action I do after I create the module)

#RobS: no drag bar, i checked carefully already (i saw this advice on several topics).

#Dr Nostromo: i don’t really know how to post a link for this module I created but all I do is : New module, right clic on [Map Boards] and “Add Board”, then right clic on “Map1[…” and “Add Hex Grid” and… that’s it, no map window.

I remember that the first times I did this, I had this window.

I join the module I described. As I said, I only did a few actions: I created an hexa board. I hope you will be able to see something in it.

Just suppress the “.txt” of the attached file’s name and it’s a module you can edit in Vassal.

You’ve added a hex grid but you have not defined the grid. Right click your Hex Grid and add Grid Numbering. Your window will now appear in the module when you run it.

As I expected it was a “noob” problem. Thanks, i’ll try this asap.

It may not be as a “noob problem” as it seems in the end… I added a grid numbering, saved, close and re-opened but still nothing. Screenshot for proof and new file too.

Did you uncheck “Use combined application window” under File->Preferences?

If you did, than I’m not sure what the problem is as I got a window to pop up as soon as I added a grid numbering.

Nope, this option is still checked. :frowning:

Uncheck it. Make it separate window.

I had an issue with creating a chart as a map so that I could put counters on it to use as turn record. I forgot and left it named Main Map and suddenly since it followed the Main Map entry for the game map it caused it to no longer show up.

Make sure you have renamed any charts that are created a maps!

I’m not sure of what you are talking about when you says “chart” but as I said, I created nothing but one and only map. Here is a screenshot of the project tree (which is quite empty)

I realize I didn’t reply to this suggestion: I tried, but nothing more happened…

I’m a bit discouraged to see that after 5 minutes of use I managed to create such a glitch… I must admit that since my last post, I didn’t launch vassal… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

ps: happy new year to you all, and thanks for trying to help me with that :slight_smile: