Module designer wanted for TF22 LOAD!

Hi all,

i’m new to this forum and i’m looking for a module designer to create a new vassal module for our new started game
TF22 LOAD!, just started one week ago and presented on the fair Spiel 2012 in Essen, germany.

Here is the BGG entry:

It is a 2-player-game acting with cards and small containers and i want to support it with a free vassal module
but do not have the knowlegde and the time to develop it myself.

Pictures / graphic files are available.

If anyone is interested, please let me know,


Hmm… really none here interested in such a job?
really strange…
Did i miss something here that makes it unattractive, so please let me know?


I think a lot of it has to do with timing. I’ve checked it out and I would be interested (I’ve done work for others like Level99 games), but I’m heavily into working on my own mod right now and we’re heading towards the holiday season so everyone may just be busy.

My suggestion would be to just keep trying and bump your thread once in a while. You also may try to do it yourself. Vassal games aren’t very hard to put together once you get the hang of it.


You can contact me by PM …

Need to know more about what you want and when you want it …

Regards from Paris,