Module Designer Wanted

After doing some reading and looking at how to build the modules it seems you need a bit of programming experience to be able to build a module. So I am wondering if someone would mind building a simple module for me. I am a big fan of APBA baseball and would like to build a module in order to play with frineds of mine over the computer. I just want to have the APBA baseball diamond as the board and then some round red discs for use as the base runners and for marking outs on the board and then a dice roller with one red and one white dice. I would also like to add a scoresheet that you could type scores in. I can send someone a scan of the baseball diamond I would like to use. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Gary :smiley:

You don’t need any programming knowledge at all to make games in Vassal. The games I’ve been working on are quite complex and I’ve never written a line of code. Having a basic idea of programming logic helps when putting all the components together but it’s not necessary.

I’m not involved in anything at the moment and what you’re looking for seems pretty simple. Drop me a note: