Module Designers’ Guide

When the Module Designers’ Guide will be relased?

The 3.1 version is in progress. Originally the designer’s guide was deferred to appear with Vassal 3.2, because it appeared that 3.2 might be coming sooner. Since 3.2 may not appear till later this year, I’m going to go ahead with a designers’ guide for 3.1.

I expect I should have a draft of the 3.1 version ready sometime in April.

Comments and feedback will be welcomed on the draft, to be added to the final published version.


If you can read french, i can propose you the “TRILOGY OF CREATION” …

I have started 3 documents, “Become a Vassal Wargame designer”, “Become a Vassal Boardgame designer” and “Become a Vassal Cardgame designer”. The Last is under construction…

Under these stereotypes i have introduced simple functions, explained step by step to give basic elements to reproduce.

Then, each part of the trilogy is independant and complementary … but for an indentified final goal !

Each package includes a Vassal Module and its dedicated documentation. … &Itemid=54