Module download question

Tried to download La Bataille de Ligny module 2.4. shown on recent updates as available. Clicking on the link it wants me to UPLOAD the module.

How do I download it, if it isn’t available, why is it listed?

The link on the page is looking for La Bataille de Ligny v1.23.vmod, but upon checking the file upload logs, it looks like the author actually uploaded La Bataille de Ligny v1.22.vmod instead. You can download it by following that link, then clicking on the filename again.

I’m not sure which version number is actually correct; if it was supposed to be v1.22, the module wiki page can be fixed easily enough. If it was supposed to be version 1.23, and the wrong file was accidentally uploaded, the author will need to upload the correct file.

Unfortunately, the maintainer, Kevin Graves, did not leave an e-mail address to contact him.

He does list it on other module pages, for example this one.