module editor - hex grid size

In the module editor the hex grid sizes in the editor numeric entry boxes seem to always calculate based on the sideways parameter being checked even if it is not checked. This means if you do not check the sideways box you get a hex grid which is larger than what you enter.

For instance if you leave the sideways box unchecked and enter a height of 104 pixels it gives you a width of 90.06 which is smaller, wheras one might expect (if I remeber my geometry) that with an “upright” hex grid one would have a width larger than the height? When the hex grid renders it is indeed rendered this way with a height of 104 and some width much larger than 90.06 (probably 104*104/90.06).

I have not tried it to be sure but I suspect it all works wonderfully with the sideways box checked.

It is not a show stopper, it is just troublesome when you are tweaking around artwork on that level instead of just using the edit grid to align everything to a fixed image.

This is with beta 5 but I have a feeling this is a long-standing bug that perhaps never got reported into the system?

Link to module, although I am 99% sure it is not module dependent, but just to cover that other 1%…