Module errors in Version 3.2.17 not observed in 3.2.16

Probably something with my module but when adding some features to module created in 3.216 and then updated using 3.217 and error appeared that was not previously observed and an error in a section not being modified. I tried to correct the error by renaming the global properties in case there is a conflict but the error consistently occurs whenever the minus sign operation,-, is used in a calculated property trait.

Bad Data in Module: Expression evaluation error Casualty Difference-Calculated Property[CasualtyDifference]=[CoalitionCasualties-FrenchCasualties], Error=inline evaluation of. "_xyzzy=plgh();"internal Error: Unimplemented binary String Operator

The calculated property appears to work without any errors in the game.

I also unzipped the module and rezipped it and the log file reported that two images were missing but the images are there and are visible in the game.

If you want the Vassal module then I will share a dropbox link, as the file is too large to upload as an attachment - unless you have an alternative way to upload the module.

Thanks in advance for any help.