Module Extension Directory Names

The guidelines for posting updated modules suggest that the module file name have a version as part of the name to avoid confusion. (I forget where I originally read this and have not been able to locate the comment recently.) An older module has extensions in a sub-directory with the same name as the module itself with “_ext” appended. I found that if I post an updated module with a changed file name, i.e. with a version appended, the older extensions will no longer load. Restoring the older module file name solves the problem. I hate to break users’ existing setup with the updated module by changing its name. However, the prior version, which is still posted, still retains the old name and would result in an obvious conflict.

Does the newer version of Vassal no longer require this sub-directory name scheme? What is the best way to handle this problem?

I think that suggestion was probably in the designer’s guide. Version 3.1 of Vassal looks for extensions in the _ext folder. it’s my understanding that prior to v3.1, this folder had to be created manually and some older instructions still mention this.

However, users can re-add an existing extension in the Module Manager without having to drag and drop stuff into a new folder in the file system. Right-click the module and pick Add Extension, then they can browse to the existing extension file. Vassal will move the extension file into the right folder automatically.