Module for War in the Pacific (2d ed.)?

I have the new edition of “War in the Pacific” by Decision Games. It’s so huge that I don’t have space to play it! But I’d love to try a VASSAL mod of it, even if just solitaire.

As I recall, though, there may be a copyright obstacle to creating a Vassal mod for WITP. There was one for the first edition but it was pulled, no? Does anyone know if these copyright obstacles extend to the new WITP? I assume so. It’s not like I have the time to create such a mod anyway, but I’m curious whether it’s ever possible that anyone will.

Decision Games is not “VASSAL-friendly.”

Anyone can produce a VASSAL module of their products, but you’re not allowed to make them publically available.

The odds of someone making a module for WitP solely for personal use are… astronomical?

Ah, OK. Thanks. Yeah, I’m not going to make a “personal” module of WITP. Thanks again.

Actually I DID make one for personal use. It was from the older circa 1970-80 version cause thats how old I am. I was too big to post here anyway. You might check with Bill Thompson at the wargame academy webpage :wink:

You know, I just don’t understand this position. Do they really imagine that they’re somehow selling more games this way?

There is a group of us, 4, who are working on the project now. If you want to help, come over to the consimworld folder for WitP. Or email me a kankoviak at comcast dot net.