Module library disappeared

Ok. I will keep the bug report open until I hear from you tomorrow, one way
or the other.


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Theory 3: I certainly did not bring across anything on the c: drive (I
keep all the important stuff on d: just for these occasions). However,
in these cases, I do new full installs of Vassal, and then start
pointing the module manager to the *.vmod files over at
d:\Games\Vassal. I would expect that the install would create whatever
user directory information that is needed.

Theory 1&2: I’m pretty sure that my home system is still doing it, I
know I’m on top of my Java updates, I’ve been on 3.1.15 since it came
out, and before that on 3.1.14 since what feels like forever. ;)

I’ll try to remember to take time tonight to double-check that it is
indeed still broken (or at least broken the way I think it is), current
Java version, and root around for where my current Vassal install lives.

Read this topic online here:

Thus spake pgeerkens:

Good, that verifies my empirical test. What about 3.1.13 to 3.1.14?

Nothing that I see.


Okay, this is crazy. My home system is acting right. It’s been having that trouble for ages

Okay, cancel the alert. I’ll bring it up more promptly if I ever see it again.

Thank you. I will close the bug as unreproducible.