Module page image embedding

Images for the module page for Hearts and Minds 3rd Edition have been uploaded as files.
Example: HaM-6.JPG file page link

The module page has the image gallery defined to display that (and other) image files.
Modules page link

The images do not show; there is a blank box. By comparing with a previous module where I did the same thing but on the older website; it appears that the uploaded image location is different from before and now.

What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?


File:HaM-6.JPG vs Image:HaM-6.jpg

… case sensitivity issue ?
That’s my best guess. Maybe try changing your gallery definitions to use .JPG



Wiki is “VERY” case sensitive.

If your file is “123 456.jpg” do not confuse that to be “123_456.jpg” or “123 456JPG”. They are not the same. Be very careful what you upload and link in the wiki.

It is also why we ask and expect unique names for files. it prevents overwriting somebody else’s file if you use generic names ala “pic1.jpg”, “pic2.jpg” etc…

Please dont do that

Chances are your files are there but your case sensitivity on the module wiki page does not match the file name so it is not appearing

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Yup, case problem with jpg when it should have been JPG.

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