Module page messed up

HI, I work on the Malifaux module and since the change over the page seems to be a mess, everything has been jumbled together which makes it difficult for users.
can anybody have a look and see whats gone wrong please?

It’s nothing to do with the site upgrade. If you check the edit history for the page, you’ll find that the breaking change was your edit from 23 August, more than a week before the site upgrade.

The problem came from removing the {{ModuleFilesTable}} markup, which is what produces the file table header. I’ve fixed it for you.

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Thanks for that.
All I did then was delete a line as somebody had uploaded a file.
Wasn’t sure as when I next came back it was all over the place.
Hadn’t had issues previously so mistakenly thought it was the change over.
Thanks again.

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