Module requests

Flames of War and/or Johnny Reb…

Any chance of getting these? Id love to help create one but am able as I have know idea how to.

Dropzone Commander and Firestorm Armada…

Any interest in these being done?

City of Horror! I’d love to help, but like WarAdmiral no idea how to!

I looking for Zombicide module.

i’d be up fer City of Horror…

I just picked up “History of the Roman Empire” on sale for just $10 online. I would enjoy a Vassal mod for this one.

I love this whole thing, all of you are geniuses. I would love to have Spellfire added to the game list. I have all the card scans and I’m trying to create it myself but some help would be great. Thanks again for creating this amazing place.

I would love for someone to do a module for VS. System TCG.

I would like Starship Troopers: The Miniatures Game, from mongoose publishing

i wish see on vassal this game

City of Horror much needed

Ticket to Ride!

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot … gic-carrot

Is smtg i would really like to see.
I even fount some post of a guy saying helll do it about 3/4 years ago?

TAHGC Kriegspiel! yes it is a cheezy little game but its great for converting to miniature campaigns especially with added boards and such.

Are you talking about the one from Avalon Hill?

It’d be doable, though I don’t own the game myself and I’m not finding any images of the boards decent enough for a straight-up import to VASSAL. 45 hex counters is trivial, though…so this might be a case where a redesign of the board could be in order. If you happen to have a copy of the game or can get you hands on one and can either scan or take some pictures of the board, I could probably throw a mod together pretty quick.

capi3101 i sent you a PM with my email. I can send you scans of everything I have.

Received and replied.

I’ve been searching for Fury of Dracula, Munchkin, Ticket to Ride, and DungeonQuest.

I recently got into more complex board games.

Then I found out about this after finding a good shop here in Orlando and this is awesome :smiley: !

I have three games to request and I want them on so much I’d probably sponsor a developer myself if wanted.

  1. Star Wars Risk Original Trilogy version - I know its another risk but for 3 players it adds a lot of fun.

  2. Mansions of Madness - I won’t even defend that one I just am addicted.

  3. Legends of Andor - Coop RPG puzzle LOTR clone Euro style that was on sale this Black Friday I picked up. Pretty fun.

Thanks for any input

Stone age or Pillars of the earth… or any famous worker placement game