Module Size allowed on

Hi Guys,

Last time I knew, there was a 10 MB maximum for mod files to be served off the server. Is that still true, and if so, is there any chance of that maximum being increased? I realize there may be financial constraints here, so it may not be possible, but for the big mods I’ve been working on (Axis Empires: Combined Totaler Kreig and Dai Senso), all the counters and maps clock in at 15-20 MB modules, even with tight color indexed png images. I realize mods can be broken up, but it sure would be nice if mods of 20-25 MB could be served off

Just wishing for it in case things have changed so that such an increase might be reasonable.

Cheers guys!

bruce sears

Hi Bruce.

You may want to consider hosting your files on, I’ve got all of mine there and so far it has been great. Just be sure to also add links from

this is brilliant! that was ridiculously easy. the mod(s) i want to serve will now be sitting at … 1f2b6e3448