Module Size seems way Huge


I’m learning module building using an old Avalon Hill card game. My first version was way huge - 160+ Mb but i did have some large maps saved at high jpeg quality. I then resized everything and have totalled the jpeg sizes of the maps and cards and a few counters - they sum to around 20Mb. Yet the info on the module still reads 130+ Mb ?! I don’t get it - I have no surplus images - there are 2 maps, 4 player hand maps, two decks of cards with their respective card windows/maps, and about 15 counters. Then I have a tabbed play aid for the rules and help etc. The cards are around 75Kb ( back & front) each x56, 40Kb x 120, the largest map is 1,2Mb, the other 7 maps are smaller, some much smaller, and the play aid charts total about 5-6 Mb

I’m flummoxed :slight_smile:


Your module may still have the old images in it even though you are not using them. To check this change the file extension of your module to .zip and then open the zipped folder. Within it you will see an images folder which contains all images in the module. You can delete those you are not using. When you have finished change the file extension back again.

Others with more knowledge may be able to assist better than me.

Thx Robbie - I did change a lot of images - so that sounds a very likely cause. I’ll try that tomorrow - thanks again for your quick response

Hi again - that indeed was the problem.

Now, how do I “save” the edited zip file - and restore the .vmod ? I have my edited folder which has the three items - build file, module date and the images folder. How do I convert this back to the .vmod

Just renaming the file extension doesn’t seem to change the type of file - so Vassal doesn’t recognise it - maybe I"m missing something obvious :slight_smile:

Can anyone advise ?


Ah,-----not enough coffee in my bloodstream - solved it.