module tutorial

Hi, id like to create a module for this game

but i cannot find any exhaustive tutorial…

where i can find?

On Feb 7, 2010, at 1:51 PM, hellzakk wrote:

There might not be an exhaustive tutorial. What is available is at

It doesn’t have any section about miniatures, which is what the game
at the link you referenced is from. But Vassal does have a number of
support features for implementing miniatures games. There is a very
short note about miniatures games.

Most of what you will need for this game will have to come from doing
the design yourself, although many designers find it also useful to
look at other modules to see how things are done there. There should
be several modules for various miniature games available to look at.

But as for what you might find useful to implement this:
(1) Use a map board without a grid
(2) Use game piece layers. You could have a layer for
i. terrain
ii. templates
iii. models
that will help you manage stacking
(3) There is a ruler tool available for measuring things. This
can also be used to help with movement.
(4) You can associate the marker with the model pieces to cut down
on clutter and allow you to remove them.
(5) Card decks are supported, so that part shouldn’t be a
problem. Look at the card games section of the tutorial.

And finally, you can post specific questions about how to do something
here. There are a large number of module designers who are quite
happy to share techniques with you.


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