Module upload size?

I’ve built a 19 mb mod and am unable to upload it though I can upload the much smaller .mdx ext file for it. Is there a limit to the size we can upload? I thought that was no longer the case.
If 19mb is too large are the alternatives pointing to a link for downloading it elsewhere or hosting on mediafire?



I’ve used MediaFire for all of mine; works great.


Thus spake “c chapman”:

There is a maximum upload size right now (IIRC, it’s 15MB). When we
move to our new site, the maximum size will be much larger. (It won’t
be unlimited, since that opens a security hole, but it will be large
enough for any module anyone is likely to create.)


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Thanks for the fast feedback guys. I’ll go ahead and provide an offsite link to and upload it to mediafire as well.