Modules directories

Hi all,

not sure if someone already talked about it, but I noticed that if you open some modules that are in a directory/Hd they stay on your vassal library.
Then if you go (in a different session) to another directory/disk and load other modules the previous ones disappear from vassal library the next time you open Vassal.
I have Ubuntu 20.04 and vassal 3.4.11

Can you give us a minimal set of steps to reproduce this? Does it still happen for you with 3.4.12?

Well it happened to me only once for now.
I loaded some modules from a directory in a disk (let’s call it A)
Then I used some of them then I exited the program
The day after I relaunched Vassal but I went directly to another disk (let’s call it B) and loaded some more modules
(In this phase previous modules from A were present in the Library of Vassal)
I worked on some of the new modules (not those from A) then I quitted Vassal
Later in the day I relaunched Vassal and the module from A were no more in the Library. There were only those from B.
Both disks were present, recognized by Ubuntu and working in all the phases.
I cannot say anything for 3.4.12 because I didn’t installed it for now.