Modules I'd like to try + FFG + Sports?

I’d like to try these modules out via PBEM (if that makes sense with these). I’ve barely tackled the rules of most of these, so learning will be a part of it…

Middle Earth Quest
Urban Sprawl
Space Empires
Star Trek: Fleet Captains
Arkham Horror
Ghost Stories
Eminent Domain (oops - module is not there…)

I used to be able to promise 5 turns / week minimum, but I’m struggling to meet that commitment with my current games - if this is acceptable to you, great!

Plus, are some of the ‘older’ FFG games that are available in full here worthwhile? E.g. Warrior Knights, the WoWarcraft game?

Finally - is there any sports-related module here that would not be at a complete snail’s pace via PBEM?

I could play both Pandemic and Arkham Horror with you. If you’re interested, reply please.